Proving PICC for Concrete Surfaces in Ports

Proximity to humid atmosphere of sea shore causes corrosion of rebars & vegetation growth through ingress of moisture due to high Porosity of concrete. Concrete surfaces, which have a low abrasion resistance, erode due to heavy rainfall & high winds. The port berths always have greater movement of heavy container vehicles. This movement results in frequent impact load on the concrete. Repairs of concrete surfaces at short intervals become necessary to avoid accidents & damage to vehicles.

Based on the properties of PICC Technology like superior strength of bond between old & new layers, high compressive strength & very low porosity (less than 1%) Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) gave a trial order. A damaged patch of 75 M2 was repaired with PICC mortar in 2016. It has successfully withstood any erosion / damage for last year.

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