A Long Term Solution to Frequent Repairs of Aqueducts

Leakages through the expansion joints & walls of an aqueduct are a menace to the maintenance crew. The present repair methods require repeat repairs at short intervals. Dimple Chemicals & Services Pvt. Ltd. has provided a long-term solution to the problem through successful & cost-effective implementation of PICC technology. The PICC Technology materials provide greater bond strength between old and new concrete & the PICC mortar has very good abrasion resistance to water flowing through the aqueduct. Similarly, the low porosity of PICC eliminates vegetation growth. Dimple Chemicals has developed a special method for arresting seepage/leakage through Expansion Joints.

Photos given below are of the Tillari Aqueduct, Goa. These photos are illustrative of the extent of damage to the walls & expansion joints and the repairs done with PICC technology.

Damaged RCC walls

Damaged expansion joint

Expansion joint before treatment

Expansion joint after treatment

Aqueduct interior before treatment

Aqueduct interior after treatment

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